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As we wrap up the current school year, gear up for Pre-K graduation, and look forward to the school year ahead, your child’s Kindergarten readiness may be starting to cross your mind. Most of us tend to view Kindergarten readiness as consisting of a child’s cognitive understanding of the ABC’s and 123’s.

Important? Yes.


But we’d like to share something else that Kindergarten readiness consists of, maybe the most important piece of the readiness puzzle: social/emotional development.


This component is highly emphasized in Southgate’s Pre-K program. Here is a list of areas we target on a daily basis:

Adaptability: Openness to changing conditions

Attention: Selective and purposeful direction of the mind

Bravery: Ability to overcome fear and uncertainty by taking action

Civility: Use of respectful words and actions towards others

Empathy: Ability to intuit and sense what others may be feeling

Forgiveness: Acknowledgment of wrongdoing without seeking revenge or punishment

Gratitude: Expression of thanks for things given or benefited from

Honesty: Expression of one’s truth

Humor: Playful and lighthearted approach to life

Patience: Calm and steady approach despite discomfort

Resilience: Capacity to recover from adversity


Parent Tip:

Teach empathy and gratitude by donating toys/clothing to a charity of your choice.

Involve them in the process and explain how they are helping another child and how grateful they can be for the chance to help!


If your child displays mastery in these areas, they will be fully prepared to tackle the demands of a Kindergarten classroom. Even if they are not displaying mastery over their ABC’s and 123’s!



This blog post was created with our Preschool Department Coordinator, Kelly Tracey.



 This area reserved for important announcements regarding changes in operating hours due to weather.