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Transitioning your “baby” to a “toddler” room is both exciting and nerve wracking! Have you ever wondered what this process looks like in the classroom and if there are things you can do at home to make the transition as smooth as possible?  The information in this blog post will cover all aspects of the transition from infant to toddler classroom.


We have 4 major milestones for each infant to meet before making the transition to a toddler classroom:

·       Walking independently

·       Eating school meals

·       Using a sippy cup

·       Napping once a day

Here is a more in-depth look at the developmental milestones we evaluate before making the transition to a toddler classroom:

·       Gross Motor: standing and walking independently, getting into a standing position without using their hands, able to take multiple steps on their own

·       Fine Motor: using pincer grasp to obtain objects, scribbles with a crayon/pencil in imitation

·       Cognitive/Language: responds to verbal request, follows simple instructions, babbles expressively, points & vocalizes to indicate wants

·       Self-Help: self feeds finger foods, chews most foods well, cooperates in dressing, overcomes simple tasks or obstacles


There are lots of things you can do at home to help your child meet these milestones as they approach one year of age!

·       Offer your child a sippy cup on a regular basis—there are wonderful “transition sippy cups” out there!

(suggested age: 5-6 months)

·       Start thinking about the transition from breast milk/formula to whole milk

(suggested age: 11-12 months)

·       Begin cutting back the number of bottles as your child eats more table food

·       Increase amount of table food offered as your child cuts back on baby food

·       Try pushing back your child’s nap time – see if they can make it until 12:00

(suggested age: 10-11 months)

·       Begin limiting the use of a pacifier to nap times only

·       Encourage your child to walk (with assistance) as often as possible

·       Let your child practice wearing closed toe shoes daily

·       Allow your child to explore and play independently with planned activities/hands-on learning


Your infant teacher will work very closely with you during this process. Feel free to request a conference with your teacher to discuss your child’s readiness, review current assessment data, and discuss any developmental tasks that need to be encouraged at home. We are also happy to introduce you to our toddler teachers, let you see their classrooms, and provide you with a daily toddler schedule.


Remember to practice, practice, practice these skills at home! This is just a small part of what we work on each day at school. Smooth transitions occur only when the skills introduced at school are then reinforced at home.



This blog post was created with our Infant Department Coordinator, Erica Greene.


 This area reserved for important announcements regarding changes in operating hours due to weather.