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SCA is following protocols mandated by the local and state authorities and DHS.  Masks are currently required for all adults in the building.  If you have questions regarding policies, please contact us at 615-377-0033.  





SCA Management Team

Our exceptional management team consists of our Director of Operations, Assistant Director/Education Coordinator and a coordinator for each of our departments:  preschool, toddlers and infants.  Our goal is to provide an environment where each child can receive personalized attention and achieve goals established collaboratively with our parents.  

Lara Woodward is our Director of Operations (DOO), responsible for all the administrative services necessary to keep the school and our daily operations running smoothly.  Lara’s office hours are typically 7:00 am to 4:00 pm. 

Lara has a Bachelor of Music in Music Education from Middle Tennessee State University and taught music in a K-6 school in Murfreesboro, TN  prior to joining SCA in 2012.  She was a highly regarded 4 year old classroom teacher at SCA for two years prior to her promotion to the management position of DOO, where we benefit from her excellent organizational skills, dependability, exceptional work ethic, parent relations, classroom experience and staff support.  Lara also spent several years as a Children’s Choir Director at First Presbyterian Church of Nashville.  She and her husband are avid cyclists, and enjoyed cycling in Ireland during a recent summer vacation.  Lara is a proud mom of two Shiba Inu dogs, and a feisty two year-old girl who attends SCA.

Wendy Borst is our Assistant Director/Education Coordinator, responsible for staff support, coaching and training, curriculum coordination, special events, and assisting our Director of Operations in managing all aspects of our school.  Wendy's office hours are typically 9:00 am to 6:00 pm.  


 Classrooms and Staff

Our classrooms are all curriculum-based and tailored to meet your child\'s behavioral, social, and developmental needs and goals.  Lesson plans are custom developed monthly by our degreed and trained teachers, and reviewed/approved by our assistant director.  Lesson plans incorporate beginning literacy, art, music, writing, math and science, as well as time for free play and dramatic play.

In 2018, we introduced the SmartCare system, which facilitates our sign-in/out procedures and tuition & billing.  Our infant teachers also use SmartCare to communicate with their parents throughout the day.  Infant parents receive digital, real time updates about their child's day, feedings, diaper changes, activities, along with pictures and videos.  Upon transition to a toddler classroom, these updates are provided at the end of the day on a physical "Daily Sheet".

Children are assigned to a specific classroom with one dedicated and loving full time teacher who will get to know your child and your family very well.   Children are transitioned into the next level classroom based on physical, social, cognitive, emotional and behavioral milestones.

Infant (age 6 weeks - app. 15 months), Ratio 4:1

We maintain a true 4 to 1 infant to teacher ratio, not 8:2, which means your baby will be in a room with a maximum of 3 other infants and one teacher.  We feel this smaller environment provides less exposure to illnesses, reduces over-stimulation and allows the infant to bond with one special teacher.  All of our teachers who spend time in the infant classrooms have training in safe sleep standards and infant CPR.

Baby sign language and baby yoga are both added in our infant and toddler program as it becomes developmentally appropriate.  Our infant teachers work closely with each family to ensure your baby is on the feeding and sleeping schedule preferred by you.  Mothers are welcome to come in to breast feed any time.  Cloth diapers are also welcome.  

Toddler I ( app. age 15 months - 24 months), Ratio 6:1

Toddler II (app. age 24 - 36 months), Ratio 7:1

Our toddler program incorporates the elements of the curriculum outlined above, with an emphasis on the development of social skills, gross and fine motor skills, and greater independence.  The two Toddler II classrooms have bathroom facilities in the room; the teacher works closely and collaboratively with the parents when the child is ready to begin toilet training.  When the child is fully toilet trained and meets other developmental milestones, he or she is ready to move to the preschool side of the building, typically around age 3.  

Preschool (approximate age 3),  Ratio 9:1

Preschool (approximate ages 4 - 6), Ratio 10:1

The preschool program is focused on making sure your child is extremely well prepared for entering Kindergarten, academically and socially.  Emphasis is on pre-reading and writing skills, and the development of excellent social skills and key traits such as responsibility and respect for others. 

SCA has invested a significant amount of resources in implementing the Get Set for School™Pre-K curriculum, which has proven success in preparing preschool students for kindergarten.  The hands-on multisensory teaching materials make learning fun and easy, as the children sing, play, color and build their way toward a lifetime of joyful learning.  See www.GetSetForSchool.com for more information, videos and at-home connections.  

Our Pre-K classes do an exceptional job preparing your child for kindergarten.  There are a maximum of 10 children in the two pre-k classrooms, which allows for much hands-on learning and interaction, as well as individualized attention and skill development.  Our pre-k teachers have extensive training and credentials to help your child thrive in what is sure to be one of their best years ever!   

In addition to our regular exceptional daily curriculum, we provide enrichment classes in Art and Music, INCLUDED with tuition.  Pptional classes are offered in gymnastics and in dance for an extra fee (see the Extracurricular Activity page for more information on our enrichment programs).

SCA is licensed and accredited by the Department of Human Services (DHS), and complies with all guidelines established by DHS, the Health Department, and local fire department requirements.  We participate in the state's Star Rating system and standards, and are evaluated on-site annually as part of this program.  We are currently a 3-STAR RATED FACILITY, THE HIGHEST RATING POSSIBLE.

Our Staff

SCA has 14 full time teachers, one for each classroom, as well as several full time float teachers.  Float teachers assist in classrooms, on the playgrounds and as familiar substitutes when the regular teacher is out.

All teachers have experience in early childhood education, either by four year degree or additional training and certification.  SCA requires 18 hours per year of certified continuing education training for each teacher, and 40 hours of additional certified training for the Director.  Additionally, all staff are CPR and First Aid certified, updated and validated each year.  Maintaining a low staff turnover rate is one of our top goals.  


SCA is following protocols mandated by the local and state authorities and DHS.  Masks are currently required for all adults in the building.  If you have questions regarding policies, please contact us at 615-377-0033.